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“Billy MacGowan is a mad genius.  I know that Mac Designs handles much of its work remotely in this new era of technology, but if you have a project it is a rare treat to watch them work on it in person.  A typical scene: smoke pours from his ears, the computer mouse darts around, versions get trumped in an instant.  Voila, faster than a speeding bullet comes results that are truly inspired.  One of Billy’s hidden talents is that he actually listens to the design criteria and tries to deliver a result that meets the clients wishes, not his own artistic whims.”  

Daniel M Meyers

Owner, Racing Yacht Numbers

“Bill is simply the best….creative, fun to work with and very knowledgeable.  As a world-class sailor he knows how to create winning designs.”  

Jim Swartz

Owner, Racingg Yachts Moneypenny, Veseper

“Over the years, we have developed a strong relationship with Mac Designs. Typically, we’ll get Bill involved in our Superyacht projects at an early stage so that he has the opportunity to understand the “feel” of the yacht and to become acquainted with the look the clients are trying to achieve. The development and interpretation process is a fascinating one, looking through the various versions until the final rendition is settled upon. The graphics are then further developed for the uniforms, battle flags, notepaper, etchings on glass doors and cast stainless family crests.Bill is creative, innovative and unafraid to present the “wild idea” which often turns the client’s prior thinking around and typically, he scores a homerun.”  

Peter Wilson

Partner, MCM Yacht Management

“I was delighted with the result and the can-do attitude that Bill and his team maintained throughout.”  Speedboat is conversion to Virgin Money for Richard Branson's Transatlantic Record Attempt.

Alex Tai

Vice President of Operations, Virgin Galactic

"My wife and I have designed three different logos with Bill. One for our cruising boat, which is quite elegant; One for our Melges 32, which is very racy; and a wine label that is very classy. Bill is a pleasure to work with. I recommend him without reservation." 

John J. Taylor III

Owner, Sailing Yacht Paraiso, Motor Vessel Ninkasi, Melges 32 Ninkasi, Private Wine Label VaVoo

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